Fort Ward residents: Rates & connections – effective March 1, 2023

Monthly Rates

Sewer District Residents: $67.28/month. Please mail your payment to: Kitsap County Sewer District #7, 9705 NE Evergreen Ave, Bainbridge Island, WA 98110. Billing questions? Please email: or call 206.669.5723.

Connecting to the Sewer System within Fort Ward

Need a sewer connection? If the property you want to connect is in Fort Ward, please follow these important steps, which are in addition to any city requirements:

1. Contact KCSD#7

Sewer District  Manager Roan Blacker  first. Roan can help walk you the process and let you know about where you’ll be able to connect to the line, how deep the line is and any other information your contractor may find helpful. Please remember that Roan works part-time for the district so please give him a couple of days to respond.

2. Pay for your Sewer Availability Letter

This lets the city know it’s possible to connect your home to the sewer system so you can receive a permit to build. Letter of Sewer Availability Fee:  $612.75.

3. Pay your Sewer Connection Charge

The sewer connection charge you pay depends on whether and how much your lot has already been assessed. Please keep in mind that there are some properties in the district that are not on a sewer line. If that is the case, please contact  Manager Roan Blacker.

How to determine your Sewer Connection Charge:

A. If your property paid a ULID #1 Assessment: In the 1990’s, most of the properties within the sewer district boundaries were part of Utility Local Improvement District (ULID) #1, which was formed to pay for the treatment plant and many of the sewer lines. Properties that were part of ULID #1 were billed yearly by the Kitsap County Treasurer. Contact the Kitsap County Treasurer if you’re not sure if your property was part of ULID #1 or how much you owe on your assessment.

  • If your property has a paid-up ULID #1 Assessment plus a Sewer Registration Number, you’re ready to go.
  • If your property has a paid-up ULID #1 Assessment but you don’t have a Sewer Registration Number, you must pay:  $1,859.75.

B. If your property did not pay a ULID#1 Assessment (also called “Latecomer Charges”):

  • If you have a Sewer Reservation Number: $10,153.38.
  • If you don’t have a Sewer Reservation Number: $12,013.13.

4. Pay your side sewer inspection fee

Your side sewer is the pipe that connects your house to the main sewer line in the road. We must inspect your side sewer before the pipe is covered up. Fee is based on hourly rate of $188.13.

Developer’s Extension Agreement

If there is no sewer line to your property, you and your neighbors can petition the district to form a ULID. (Please contact the district for more information.) Another option is a Developer’s Extension. Under this option, a property owner pays up front to install the sewer lines. Other property owners who want to connect to that line within a certain number of years pay a share of the cost that’s determined by the district. Please contact the district for more information. Some of the costs involved include:

  • $612.75 – Application
  • $188.13/hr. – Review of Plans & Construction Inspection by District’s Engineer
  • 10% of Fees Collected – Administrative Fee for Collection of Developer’s Reimbursement Charges

Charges for Filing Or Releasing Liens

If your monthly sewer bill becomes delinquent, a lien may be placed on your property. The lien will be released once the bill and any associated fees and penalties are paid.

  • Lien filing and removal fees: $150.50 each (Plus any legal fees involved)