Rates and Charges

The Board of Commissioners sets the rates for KCSD#7 to cover the costs of the wastewater treatment, administration, other maintenance and operation costs and to ensure we have funds to cover emergencies and to build a capital replacement fund.  We try to keep costs low, and are proud that our monthly charge is about half  of what the City of Bainbridge Island’s wastewater treatment system charges its customers.  To view the sewer rates and charges for district residents, click the link below.

KCSD#7 also serves other communities outside of our District boundaries through an interlocal agreement with the City of Bainbridge Island.  These areas include Lynwood Center, Emerald Heights, Rockaway Beach, Pleasant Beach, Pointe White, and Captain John Blakely Elementary School.  Through the interlocal agreement the City collects the wastewater of these neighborhoods and sends it to the District’s treatment plant for processing.  All sewer fees and charges related to these Bainbridge Island communities are set by, and paid to, the City.  A copy of the 2007 interlocal agreement is available by the link below:

KCSD#7 Interlocal Agreement with the City of Bainbridge Island